Smart 4-in-1 Travel Dispenser

Never worry about the messy and bulky luggage for your journey or your toiletries leaking and running your favorite bag. This Portable Travel Bottle Set by REMAXX will do you a great favor. Designed to store your liquid toiletries, the leak-proof container can carry four kinds of liquids at a time in a compact bottle, preventing them from rolling around and keeping your stuff organized. The cleverly designed bottles are safe to take anywhere you go, the 4-in-1 combines a complete set of 50ml refillable containers into one easy-to-use kit, making it the ideal space saver for all your favorite lotions, shampoos, and other toiletry products.

Built with an easy-spray design, you will save time and hassle on the go, and ditch those bulky toiletry bags in the process. Built to be compact but durable with top-quality, long-lasting plastic, this is a practical and convenient travel companion. It’s the perfect travel accessory for students, travelers, athletes, professionals, and more.


  • Compact Design: The smart and compact design of the travel bottle set helps in storing and organizing your favorite toiletries without any spillage or leakage. The 4-in-1 set comes with 50ml refillable containers into one easy-to-use kit, making it the ideal space saver.
  • Prevents Leakage: Storing liquid has always been a hassle, the liquid makes way out of the containers resulting in a total mess inside your bag. The REMAXX travel bottle is designed to store liquid in tight containers that prevents the liquid from leaking and avoid another liquid mishap.
  • Ideal for Various Situations: Travelling or going to the beach or simply storing your favorite toiletries on the go, you can now store your favorite lotions, sunscreen, shampoo etc., in a single handy bottle. Easily switch from 4 different canisters with its 360° rotatable opener to satisfy any hygiene need wherever you are
  • Easy to use: Fill the mini travel bottle with the liquid of your choice. Place each mark in your 4-in-1 lotion shampoo gel travel dispenser, making sure the nozzle is facing out. Turn the top to close clockwise. To find and use the bottle, simply rotate the top again and press to assign. Rotate again to cover the nozzle.
  • Save Space: Bringing lots of toiletries is a nuisance in every journey. They can scatter, spill, and cause a mess no matter how careful you are. But, with comfort in mind, this genius bottle grants all of your wishes for toiletries to stay in one place, safe, sound, and mess-free.


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