Multipurpose Portable Timer

REMAXX brings one of the most innovative companion for your daily time management. The magic countdown cube timer is the perfect solution for all those individuals who have to strategize their time daily. With no programming required, you just flip the minute side up and the countdown begins and to top the timer just simply flip the plain side up. It is the best tool to help you time your intervals easily.

It has no buttons or dials to set alarm, just turn it to the interval side needed, and turn it back when the time is up. The timer is small and lightweight and can be kept in kitchen, study table, office desk or just take it out in the park with you for timing your activities. It’s an excellent time management tool for home, school and office.


  • Time Management: The cube timer is your perfect companion for managing your time. With its 1, 3, 5, 10 min or 15, 20, 30, 60 min timer you can manage your work according to your need.
  • Lightweight: The timer is in small and easy to carry around, the round corner design does not scratch your hands and makes it easy to hold. The timer is suitable for home and office. A simple and fun cube timer is the perfect gift for kids and friends.
  • Easy to Use: The REMAXX cube timer is simple to use for kids and adult, just turn on the timer and customize the time as you want. It has multiple time options which can be set to your requirement.
  • Perfect for Time Discipline: It is easy that even a child can use it during studies, watching TV or playing mobile games in a time bound manner. You can use it for your yoga, meditation, cooking purpose etc.
  • Alarm Adjustment: The countdown timer has two levels of the alarm sound setting (high and low), you can adjust volume according to different occasions. The time reminder has a LED display which can show the remaining time at any time.


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